Monastery of Agia Triada

The historical Monastery Agia Triada of Jagarolon, famous for its traditions and selected vineyards produces this renowned excellent wine of the Monastery.With dedication centuries-old and modern technology, their monks offer a unique combination of gra... more

Pneumatikakis Winery

The Winery Pnevmatikakis located in the province of Kissamos region with a long history in Viticulture and Wineries.Modern facilities, selected varieties, quality control and passion for wine, are elements that make different winery Pnevmatikakis.Owners ... more

Silva Daskalaki

The Silva Daskalaki winery is situated in Siva, a small village belonging to the municipality of Heraklion, just 17 kms out of Heraklion on the Heraklion-Mires highway. The district has been classed and is recognized as a superior quality zone. The up-gradi... more

Strataridakis bros winery

Costis and Manolis Strataridakis, both agriculturists, have taken the baton and continue with ardency their father's work hopefully going one step further. The new-built winery of Strataridakis brothers represents, through its characteristic architecture, t... more

Titakis Wines

TITAKIS WINES is a family winery, situated in one of the most famous vineyard regions of Crete, the appellation area (AOC) of PEZA. The winery is situated in the village Kounavoi, in the heart of the area. more

Toplou Monastery

    It is a modernized winery, established in the prefecture of Lassithi, with great winegrowing and winemaking experience. Located 10 minutes drive west of Sitia town and also 10 minutes drive south of the ancient city of ‘Itanos&rsquo... more

Winery Nikos Gavalas

Nikos GavalasMy grand grandfather Emmanuel Gavalas, son of Nikos, planted the first vineyards in 1906. At that time he would use the Minoan dressed stone treading tank that used to be at the village of Agios Thomas, where he came from, to tread the grapes.... more


We welcome you to our small family business and we assure you of the priority we give to quality in all the stages of production, vinification and bottling of our products.Our short history started in 1999 when we decided, with the invaluable assistance of ... more
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