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MINOS CRETAN WINES SA – Miliarakis Winery

MINOS CRETAN WINES SA – Miliarakis Winery

The winery is located in the centre of the main viniculture area of Crete, Peza, 17 km to the north of Heraklion and 5km away from the Minoan wine press of Vathypetros.

Contact Info
MINOS CRETAN WINES SA – Miliarakis Winery 70100 Peza village Heraklion T +30 2810 741213

Its story starts in the middle of 19th century with main landmark Antonakis Inn, in Peza. There, travellers had the chance to refresh themselves and their animals during the trip from and to the “Chora” (Capital) at times when its gates were closed during the night. It was a chance to taste a hot meal and a glass of wine. The company acquired a Legal form in 1932 and was established as a model unit of production-winemaking. The first wine bottling on the island was attempted successfully by MINOS in 1952. It added the element of “Exporting Company” to its name as its overseas clients started trading MINOS bottled wine instead of house wine.

Thanks to MINOS’ efforts, the wider Peza area is recognized as an Appellation of Origin of Superior Quality, as much for the White wines from Vilana variety as for its Reds, from Kotsifali and Mandilari.

Since then and up to date the company deals exclusively with bottled quality wine aiming to a continuous improvement of its product as well as the presentation of new aspects of the Cretan vineyard.

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MINOS CRETAN WINES SA – Miliarakis Winery
Contact Person
Miliaraki Maria
Peza village
Postal Code
+30 2810 741213
+30 6946 127613
Visit Hours

Wine tasting Hall: 1st April – 31 October, M-F 09.00 – 16:00 / Saturday 10.30-15.00. ,

1st November– 31 March after call date