Campaign funded with the aid from the European Union and Greece.


We asked experts in the wine industry to talk about "Protected Geographical Indication" Crete. Watch a series of videos that we produced for that purpose.

Mandilari - Professor Stefanos Koundouras

Dafni - Wine writer Nico Manessis

Liatiko - Iro Koliakoudakis Dip. WSET

Plyto - Yiannis Karakasis MW

Dafnes - Iro Koliakoudakis Dip. WSET

Vidiano - Yiannis Karakasis MW

Romeiko - Sommelier Anna Maria Kabourakis

Muscat of Spina - Gregory Michailos Dip. WSET

Kotsifali - Wine Writer Nico Manessis

Malvasia di Candia - Konstantinos Lazarakis MW

Vilana -Sommelier trainer George Loukas

Peza -Sommelier trainer George Loukas

Sitia - Sommelier Eleftherios Hanialidis

Dafnes - Iro Koliakoudakis Dip. WSET

Chania - Sommelier Anna Maria Kambouraki

Professor Stefanos Koundouras - Archanes

Rethymno - Gregory Michailos Dip Wset

Protected Geographical Indication Crete - General