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Karavitakis Winery

Karavitakis Winery

Karavitakis winery is located in Pontikiana at Kolymvari area in Chania.

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Karavitakis Winery 73100 Pontikiana Chania T +30 28210 333326

Karavitakis family was producing olive oil, raisins and maily wine for many generations. From 1998 Manolis Karavitakis with the experience he got from running a large winery in the Kastelli Cooperative, reforms the family’s vineyards with new varieties both native and international and builds the estates winery in traditional style. In the course of time new varieties are planted. In our estate we follow most modern vinification methods and incorporate new technologies every year.

Vineyards – Varieties – Terroir

The Karavitakis estate vineyards consist of 30000 square meters private owned land and also many smaller estates which belong to exclusive associates. All these vineyards are under the constant supervision of Manolis Karavitakis and the estates agriculturalist. The key for higher quality products is the small per hectare production and absence of chemical additions. This is the winery’s main concern and te above factors are our main priorities.

Karavitakis winery is characterized by constant experimentation with new products and techniques. Our wine portfolio consists of white wines made from: Soultanine, Malagouzia, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc and red wines from the varieties: Cabernet, Syrah , Merlot, Grenage Rouge, Kotsifali, Sangiovese, Refosco, Nebbiolo and Tempranillo. The estate’s main effort is: take the most out of each variety. That’s why after the treatment throughout the year we decide the appropriate time for the harvest by following the maturation progress and the experience from previous crops with similar conditions.

The estate’s owner main concern is to produce wines with all the typical characteristics for each and every variety but also give these wines a specific twist which will reveal the winery’s distinctiveness. This is achieved because the vineyards location is pretty unique and it combines medium altitude with sea proximity.

Manolis Karavitakis moto is: great wines are made in every stage of the wine making procedure. That’s why he personaly supervises day by day everything relates his products.

Cretan wines are capable of competing with international ones. We are trying to prove that and establish Crete as a well known international wine productive area

Karavitakis winery was founded by Manolis Karavitakis. Under the influence of the family’s wine tradition in wine making for three generations long and his experiences with the traditional winery he decided to study as a chemist – oenologist in university of Athens. Part of his studies were completed in Italy, a place with wine passion. Right after his graduation he became the manager of the agricultural co-operative of Kissamos in Chania. Under his management the almost unique grape variety of the area, Romeiko, gave significant products. The peak of all these efforts was the famous OSTRIA a marsala type of wine unique for it’s time with world wide appreciation. From 1985 he reorganizes the family’s vineyards with new varieties creating a 30000 square meter estate, which is a considerable size for the cretan standards. In 1999 Karavitakis winery moves to fully new facilities located nearby the vineyards. All available technologies are incorporated to the new winery. Also a standard temperature underground floor ensures stable conditions for wine maturation. In 2009 the first part of the winery renovation is completed. The estate can now host visitors and tourists with wine interests. They will be introduced to the wine making procedure and the estate’s products. Also the traditional church of saint Tryfonas, tutelar saint of wine makers , which lies beside the winery is worth a visit. By the end of 2010 the winery will reach it’s full form and will offer a complete wine experience

Karavitakis Winery
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Karavitakis Nikos
Postal Code
+30 28210 333326
+30 6974 323852
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