Two days, full of Cretan wine in Chania and OiNotika the Cretan wine fair, on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th of February

The 13th Cretan Wine fair OiNotika is set to take place this weekend in Chania featuring 32 winemakers and over 250 wine labels. The fest will begin on Saturday the 15th and continue through Sunday the 16th of February at the ‘Minoa Palace Resort’ in Platanias, Chania Prefecture.


Time schedule:

-      Saturday, 15th of February | Since 12:00 to 21:00 (entrance fee 7€)

-      Sunday, 16th of February | Since 12:00  to 20:00 (entrance fee 7€)


Free passes will be distributed for the staff and owners of hotels, restaurants, wine bars, and wine cellars by presenting personal business cards.


Below is the list of wineries which participating:


  1. Agelakis winery  
  2. Alexakis winery
  3. Anoskeli winery 
  4. Boutari   
  5. Diamantakis winery
  6. Digenakis wines
  7. Douloufakis winery 
  8. Dourakis winery
  9. DAF wines 

10. Efrosini winery  

11. Gavalas Crete wines

12. Haralabakis winery  

13. Holy monastery of Tsagarolon - Vinolio  

14. Idaia winery  

15. Karavitakis wines  

16. Klados winery  

17. Kourkoulou winery  

18. Louloudis winery  

19. Lyrarakis winery  

20. Manousakis winery  

21. Maragkakis winery  

22. Michalakis estate  

23. Minos - Miliarakis winery  

24. Paraskevas winery 

25. Paterianakis Domaine  

26. Pnevmatikakis winery  

27. Silva winery  

28. Strataridakis Bros winery  

29. Titakis wines

30. Toplou Estate

31. Zacharioudakis Domaine  

32. Zouberakis wines     


Master classes and seminars will be held during OiNotika (Please note that all sessions will be conducted in Greek language). More details about will be sent in few days.

Don’t miss a chance to taste the new vintages of the Cretan wines!

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