Bring Your Own Wine – Restaurants – Open Doors 2024

Bring Your Own Wine – Restaurants –  Open Doors 2024

For the Open Cellar Doors event, the weekend 18 & 19 of May 2024, you can find above the restaurants that participate in Crete.

You can buy a wine from a winery in Crete, and you can enjoy it with your meal in a Cretan restaurant, just by showing the receipt. The wine service in the tavern/restaurant is free of charge. It is obligatory that you order food with your wine.

This action, only applies for Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th 2024.

For more information please contact us at




Semeli restaurant cafe

Adresss: Houdetsi  Heraklion

Contact person: Polizoakis Andreas

Τ:  (+30) 2815 202715



Adress: Peza, Heraklion

Contact Person: Onisimos Saridakis

Τ:  (+30) 281 074 1754 | E:


Marina Cafe Restaurant

Adress:  Heraklion’s harbour

Contact Person: Maria Georgiou

Τ: (+30) 2810221345


Platanos cafe

Adress: Agios Titos Sq, Heraklion

Contact Person: Kapetanaki Marina

Τ: (+30) 2810301854


Georgiadis Park cafe

Adress: Georgiadis park,Heraklion

Contact Person: Lazarides Frosso

Τ: (+30) 2810342836


Krites Tavern

Adress: Gournes, Heraklion

Contact Person: Paterakis Manolis

Τ:  (+30) 6937453980


Restaurant Chrisopigi Varelas wine House

Address: Kamilari, Municipality of Festos

Contact person: Manolis ktistakis

Τ:  (+30) 6973239095


Deli Point:

Kassaki Cold Cuts

Adress: Galatas Pediados, Herakleion

Contact Person: Manolis Kassakis

Τ: (+30) 2810381342



Raki Baraki

Adress: Radamanthios 17, Rethymno

Contact Person: Antonis Kallis

Τ: +30 2831058250


AVLI Restaurant

Adress: Radamanthios 17, Rethymno

Contact Person: Katerina Xekalou

Τ: +30 2831058250


Taverna Mariou

Adress: Mariou Rethymno

Contact Person: Orfanoudaki Asimenia

Τ:  (+30)  6974599898| E:


Veneto Boutique Hotel & Wine Restaurant

Adress:Epimenidou 2-4

Contact Person: Prokopakis Ioannis, Argiro Petraki

Τ: +30 6932534773


Archaia Lappa Tavern

Adress:Argiroupoli, Rethymno

Contact Person: Maniadaki Ntina

Τ: (+30) 6972725260




Adress: Drakona Keramia, Chania

Contact Person: Stelios Trilirakis

Τ:  (+30)  6974989248



Adress: Akti Papanikoli 1, Nea Chora, 731 31, Chania

Contact Person: Kaloumenos Alex

Τ: (+30) 6979294667




Adress: El Venizelou 157, Sitia

Contact Person: Garefalaki Georgia

Τ: +30 6982803179

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