Lyrarakis Malvazia Of Crete
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Lyrarakis Malvazia Of Crete

Naturally sweet wine from sun-dried grapes

Malvasia of Crete is an exceptional quality sweet wine, which dominated for over 3 centuries the markets of the East and West during the Venetian rule of the Mediterranean (13th to 17th century).
The Lyrarakis family, trying to revive the tradition, has vinificated a wine which is believed to be very close to the authentic Malvasia using native varieties of Crete.
The family’s belief is that the original Malvasia was a sweet wine resulting from a multi-varietal blend rather than a single variety.
We have left the grapes of the varieties Plyto, Dafni, Vidiano and Vilana to dry in the sun for 9 days.
The solid juice results in a natural sweet wine with exceptional density of aromas and taste, which ages for one year in new oak barrels.

Colour White
Variety Vilana
Type Naturaly Sweet
Type(CO2) Quiet