The Cretan grape Variety “Vidiano”

The Cretan grape Variety “Vidiano”
An article by Maria Titaki, oenologist - winemaker.

One of the oldest Cretan white varieties, turns out to be the new “Duchess” of Cretan wines.

The variety: A rare grape variety of Crete (Rethymno), which was nearly extinct. However lately, the Cretan Winemakers recognized the dynamic potentials of the grape and they re-cultivated it , in order to revive the great richness and the intense complexity that a Vidiano wine variety can cherish. Vidiano is being characterized as the Greek “Viognier” and is certainly making a statement to the wine world.

The wines: Complexity with balanced nose and mouth aromas. Vidiano produces wine with elegant and vivid style, due to its medium acidity. Flourishing aromas, approaching a great variety of white and yellow fruits, mostly stone fruits (apricot & peach), citrus fruits (pear, bergamot, quince), but also white flowers aromas (jasmine). In our palate, we enjoy a robust and full-bodied wine, , which is evolving into a more complex and extensive one, as we continue tasting it.

Also used as a blend with other local and varietal wines.

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