Newsletter September 2014

Chinese delegacy from Hubei in Crete.

A Chinese government delegacy from Hubei Prefecture (prefecture with more than 60 million residents) visited Crete on the early of September. The Chinese delegacy with politicians and reporters from Hubei TV, and with the famous Greek actor Maria Tzobanaki had the chance to attend a winery tour and wine tasting that “Wines of Crete” organized.

Hubei Tv reporters filmed the tour at Mediterra Winery, at Kounavoi of Heraklion where the vignification of Cretan grape varieties was still in process. Hubei Tv will use all shots to create a documentary about Crete, including the Cretan vineyard. You can find photos HERE.

“Wines of Crete” celebrating 40 years with Minoan Lines

Wines of Crete” gave a Cretan wine experience to the guests of the celebration of the Minoan Lines at the 14th of September. The celebration took place at the “Festos Palace” f/b where the attendees had the chance not only to taste Cretan wine but to talk with the winemakers who were present at the feast.

Moments from the Cretan Vineyard

Wines of Crete” gathered moments from the 2014 harvest in Crete. Powerful pictures, full of feelings and Cretan vineyard in a special album at Facebook HERE!

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Wine tourism questionaire

“Wines of Crete” created and uploaded a questionnaire about wine tourism in Crete and the Cretan wine. Feel free to answer our questions and give us your opinion. You can find it HERE!

“Wines of Crete” members participations at wine events

Wines of Crete” through Facebook page will inform you, where our members will be and where you can taste Cretan wines all over the world. Events, exhibitions, wine tastings and so much more you may find at our facebook page! Enjoy with responsibility!

Publications about “Wines of Crete”

They wrote about “Wines of Crete” and we gathered publications at in a special category! Find them HERE

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