The Region of Crete supports the successful activities of the Cretan Winemakers Network, through the Cretan Quality Agreement

Ξεκίνησε και επισήμως η συνεργασία των Δικτύων Οινοποιών Κρήτης και του «Κρητικού Συμφώνου Ποιότητας», υπό την αιγίδα της Περιφέρειας Κρήτης.

The affiliation between the Cretan Winemakers Network and the Cretan Quality Agreement has commenced officially, under the aegis of the Region of Crete.

Through continuous efforts to date, the two existing Winemakers Networks (Iraklio Prefecture & Hania and Rethymno Prefectures) number a total of 30 members. By mapping the Wine Trail and certifying the Open Wineries, they adopt fair practices for linking the agricultural sector with tourism, contribute towards strengthening the image and popularity of wine and winemaking, and play a vital role in developing the Cretan wine tourism.

In the context of this affiliation, which commenced at the initiative of the Region of Crete, the Cretan Quality Agreement has undertaken a pilot project to support the Cretan Winemakers Network on the following areas: administrative support, promotion of Cretan wine, and promotion and development of wine tourism. Through this action, the Region of Crete wishes to support the Cretan wine sector and proceed with the immediate development of wine tourism, which will enrich the Cretan tourist image. It also aims at developing fair media networking practices in the agri-food sector, which will set an example for other sectors as well.

Through this affiliation, it will become possible to record all the steps necessary for the successful operation of such networks, which will then be applied to other products, creating an efficient support platform for the island’s business networking.

The Cretan Quality Agreement is already working on the trademark for certifying open wineries, based on the standards set initially by the winemakers. The trademark in question will be included in the Cretan regional label, reinforcing its prestige and recognition by the Region of Crete and demonstrating the significance of wine in the island’s identity. The Open Wineries trademark will be the second trademark to be included in the Cretan regional label, following the Quality Cretan Cuisine trademark. Other actions underway by the affiliated agencies include the promotion of Cretan wine on the internet through social media pages and its effective representation in actions promoting the Region of Crete as a quality tourism and culinary resource.

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