Diamantopetra White Protected Geographical Indication Crete
Diamantakis Winery

Diamantopetra White Protected Geographical Indication Crete

The potential of Asyrtiko and the uniqueness of Vidiano, two of the most distinguished white Greek grape varieties, are combined to craft a wine of distinguished quality and ageing potential. Each particular grape variety attributes in a different way in the wine profile. Vidiano offers all the aromas and complexity whereas Asyrtiko gives the acidity, which contributes to a pleasant wine with high aging potential. Bright, vivid, yellow color. The aroma is elegant and complex, reminiscent of fresh and dried fruits, citrus fruits and hints of vanilla and nuts. The 3 months aging process contributes to a rich mouthfeel where all the aromas that we smell, the crisp acidity and the wonderful long aftertaste are pronounced.

Colour White
Variety Asirtiko
Type Dry
Type(CO2) Quiet
Cultivation Type Conventional