Diamantopetra Red Protected Geographical Indication ”Crete”
Diamantakis Winery

Diamantopetra Red Protected Geographical Indication ”Crete”

Diamantopetra Red combines the features and potential of two charming, distinctive red grape varieties. The Cretan Mandilari offers the strength, the rough tannins and the acidity while the international and distinguished Syrah brings in richness and firmness of the wine. Diamantopetra Red has a deep, red color and offers an expressive and charming profile full of scents and flavours.The 12-month aging process in oak barrels creates an exuberant wine with an intense bouquet of aromas, dominated by blackberry and pepper and a pronounced acidity.

Colour Red
Variety Syrah
Type Dry
Type(CO2) Quiet
Cultivation Type Conventional