Handakas Candia
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Handakas Candia

Handakas-Candia refers to the name Handax (Arab name of the city of Heraklion in the 820s), latinized as Candia and used under the Venetian rule, referring to all of Crete, as well as the city itself. The ancient name Heraklion was revived in the 19th century from the nearby Roman port of Heracleum “City of Hercules”.
Rare blend of indigenous white grape varieties Vilana, Vidiano, Athiri and Assyrtiko.
Brilliant lemon with green tints, characteristics of a new and great wine. Impressively complex with bold aromas – lemon, pear, orange peel and flowers. Immaculately balanced with a long aftertaste.

Colour White
Variety Athiri
Type Dry
Type(CO2) Quiet
Cultivation Type Conventional