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R[oute] 5

Organic treasures among mountains



Winery Silva Daskalaki
20 km / 30 min from Heraklion
(35°.12′.31.98″ N / 25°.02′.09.07″ E)

Siva - Kerasia

Efrosini Winery
23 km / 38 min from Heraklion
(35°.11′.57.00″ N / 25°.01′.52.03″ E)

Kerasia - Kato Asites

Diamantakis Winery
27 km / 40 min from Heraklion
(35°.12′.42.99″ N / 24°.59′.32.91″ E)


  1. Monastery of Paliani
  2. Prinias Archaeological Site of Ancient Rizinia St.
  3. Earino Tavem (Kato Asites)
  4. Monastery ofGeorge Gorgolaini


The souther you go inside the island, the wilder it becomes.
Embrace the beauties of the mountains, the small villages and great wineries

Leaving behind you the city life, you will be now heading towards the foothills of Psiloritis, the island’ s highest mountain.

Begin yourwine joumey experience heading south; within minutes you will be reaching the village Siva. Biodynamic agriculture considers that evetything is affected by the magnetic waves created by the movement of the moon and the connection of Earth to other planets. The Winery Silva Daskalaki applies this idea to the cultivation of its organically grown vineyards. Get the insides on this extremely interesting process and taste the unique Sitva wines.

Just down the road, you can visit the Paliani monastery, one of the island’s oldest monasteries In the churchyard there is a gigantic myrtle tree, iAgia Myrtian, which is considered holy and it is being celebrated once peryear! Some say it dates more than a thousand years old. In the arear there is anotherwinery worth visiting. At the Kerasia village the Efrosini Winery is located. Have a chatwith the really friendly owners who cultivate their vineyards with carer including organic farming. Try their wines while listening to their stories on the arears history and geography.

The area has a great and old tradition in winemaking: one can visit the medieval wine presses around Prinias village as well as the archaeological site of Ancient Rizinia. Full of awe, continue yourway to the village of Kato Asites, located 450 meters above sea level.

Here you can visit the Diamantakis Winery with its vineyard spread on terraces at an altitude of 400 meters! If you are a cave lover and you enjoy hiking, you are in the perfect place. The village is known for its caves, with the “Melissa” one being the winner.