Newsletter December 2015

«Wines of Crete» “Εurope Senior Tourism 55 +” conference.

“Wines of Crete” sponsored the “Εurope Senior Tourism 55 +” conference which was held at Heraklion, Crete. The main subject of the conference was “Spain as a winter destination”, with the participation of the Spanish Ministry of Tourism, Innovation and Energy and representatives of tourism in Spain. During the workshop there were many tourism professionals from Greece, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Belgium and Holland. The participants tasted wines from indigenous grape varieties and had the chance to know the oenotouristic aspect of Crete.

«Wines of Crete» at the GoogleDevFest

“Wines of Crete” organized a special wine tasting for the participants at the GoogleDevFest which took place at the Info Point of Herakleion. Programmers from all over Crete tasted the unique wines from Cretan grape varieties. They were also informed of what actions the Winemakers network of Crete do to promote the Cretan wine and Crete as an oinotouristic destination.

“Wines of Crete” at the Region’s of Crete meeting

Nicos Miliarakis, president of the “Wines of Crete”, gave an informative speech about the Cretan Winemakers Network at Region’s of Crete meeting.

Wines of Crete on the spot for using new media and technologies in order to promote its actions and the Cretan wine. The meeting’s main theme was about new technologies.

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