Newsletter August 2015

Participation at the first TEDxAnogeia.

Wines of Crete participated at the first TEDxAnogeia which took place at a Anogeia, Rethymno on the 8th of August. We organized 4 wine tastings seminars:

1. Wines of Crete Workshop_ 4 wines, 4 flavors, 1 island. Wine and food pairing of local dishes with 4 different Cretan wines
2. Mini Wine Seminar – Discovering the Cretan grape variety, Vidiano.
3. Mini Wine Seminar – The Cretan Rose wines
4. Mini Wine Seminar – The Cretan dessert wines

The landscape, the flavors while tasting Cretan wines with local food gave a unique experience to the participants. Nicos Miliarakis, winemaker, presented the workshop and Maria Titaki, oenologist and winemaker presented the three mini wine seminars. Find photos of all the seminars HERE.

Tv Show “Menoume Ellada”

“Menoume Ellada” (in english: We stay in Greece) is a Greek television show of the public TV, ERT1 with Renia Tsitsibikou and Peter Koumplis, that presents the beauties of Greece. Wines of Crete, with Nicos Miliarakis, winemaker, was there and presented wines from 31 wineries in Crete. He, also, talked about the efforts that the Cretan Winemakers do for the rise of the Cretan wine.

“We do local” event

“Wines of Crete” participated with a wine tasting of Cretan varieties and wines around the island at the event from the company “We do local” that took place at the Creta Maris hotel in Heraklion.

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