Wines of Crete, participates at the Wine in Moderation Symposium

Wine in Moderation Autumn Symposium Responsible Wine Tourism for a Sustainable Wine Culture

A growing trend, oenotourism is not only a source of revenue for wine regions, for the wine business value chain and for the society, but it is also revealing and safeguarding the great cultural heritage of wine. How will wine tourism develop in a socially responsible and sustainable way?

Wine tourism is the perfect opportunity to introduce the visitor to wine culture and to educate him how to best appreciate wine: in moderation and responsibly.

During this workshop, participants will experience wine tourism firsthand on the island of Santorini and will discuss about the latest trends. Through interactive sessions, the visitors will identify the various actors involved in wine tourism and their role in promoting the Wine in Moderation message.

Wines of Crete participates at this event that will take place in Santorini on November 2nd, by presenting the Wine Roads of Crete and the effort that the Cretan winemakers make for oenotourism.

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