“Wines of Crete” at a documentary film at the Chinese TV

«Wines of Crete», hosted executives from the “New Wines of Greece” and the China Central Television (CC TV) & China Business Herald who filmed a documentary about the Greek Wine. “Wines of Crete” organized with the Cultural Association of the village Dafnes, a genuine Cretan fest at the village. Our guests had the chance to taste PDO and PGI wines from the Cretan Vineyard with local delicacies, that cooked the Cultural Association of Dafnes. The TV crew interviewed the president of the “Wines of Crete”, who talked about the targeted efforts of the “Wines of Crete”, through the “New Wines of Greece” organized campaigns, seizing the opportunity to promote the uniqueness of the Cretan vineyard and the special characteristics of the Cretan wines. He also highlighted that the cooperation not only between the winemakers, but also with the local society, to promote the Cretan way of life, and the Cretan gastronomy proves that with a good cooperation, only good results can occur. (Photo)

Mrs Maria Triantafilou, director of the “New Wines of Greece” highlighted that “Common aim of all of us, is to promote the Greek bottled Wine in Greece and abroad. China is a large target market and the documentary will contribute greatly to achieve this goal. For the Cretan part of the documentary we cooperated with «Wines of Crete» and we believe that this contribution will give us the best results.”

Mrs Anna Aga, social media specialist for the “New Wines of Greece” also added: “The warm welcome from the village Dafnes and the Cretan feast that they prepared with the «Wines of Crete», for the TV crew journalistic organization Shangbao / China Business Herald and China Central TV, was the best way to experience Cretan hospitality, branded Wines and the uniqueness of the place. This action was live on line at “New Wines of Greece” social media (facebook and twitter), in an effort to promote the eponymous Greek wine worldwide. By using these social media channels, we contribute to develop a constructive dialogue between the wineries and wine opinion leaders around the world. It has already created a proper basis for communication and is promising that more and more wineries use social media to advertise and promote their products.”

This action is cooperation with the Greek consulate in Shanghai and the New Wines of Greece.

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