Cretan Diet Festival: Activities concerning the Cretan Wine

Cretan Diet Festival 1 – 7 July 2019
Exhibition Of Local Products & Cultural Events
Rethymno Municipal Garden
A culinary experience in Rethymno!
Find below the events with Cretan Wine.
Tuesday 02 of July 2019

19:00-23:00 Trade show of Local Products

20:00 – “Wine and Art”

“Feelings”-Katarina Vasickova
Katarina Vasickova comes from Slovakia, but she lives in Athens from 2002. The exhibition “Feelings” includes paintings, graphics prints and drawings.

As a visual artist manipulates the hidden deep passion of her being, as we always look for the communion of the heart and the soul. She expresses herself through her art. Katarina through the exhibition indicates the very essence of being a woman by showing the strength, the resilience, the softness and the determination.

Wine makers and members of the group Recevin, present and discuss the emblematic red varieties of Mandilari and Kotsifali of Crete.

Thursday 04 of July 2019

19: 00-23: 00 Trade show of Local Products

20:00 Cocktail Party

Well-known Rethymnian and Cretan mixologists are creating delicious signature cocktails, based on Cretan wines, Greek spirits and various products of the Greek land. Music by favourite DJ’s

Friday 05 of July 2019 Free Entrance

19: 00-23: 00 Trade show of Local Products

20:00 “What Did the Minoans Drink?” – Members of the group Recevin present the long journey of the ancient Cretan varieties Dafni-Plyto during time.

Tickets: 5 euros

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