DAF Wines

Our family winery is located in the semi- mountainous region of Dafnes where was given its name.

For over 100 years the family is dedecated to traditional cultivation of vineyards foe wine production following experiences and knowledge inherited from our grandparents.

The first distinction was given to our grandma Evangelos Douloufakis in 1952 at the international exhibition of wine in Thessaloniki , as a prize for the high quality of wine.

Until now, DAF WINES winery has won lots of awards at international wine competitions.

In this way ,following the precedent in wine production , imparting to new generations high principles and traditions giving prominence Cretan varieties of wine with unique features

Red     Red
DAF Wines Mareta Red

White     White

Rosé     Rosé
DAF Wines Mareta Rose

Contact Person: Douloufaki Fereniki

Street: Dafnes
State: Heraklion
Municipality: Heraklion
Area: Heraklion
Postal Code: 70011

Telephone: 2810 792073
Cellphone: 6984094047
E-mail: dafwines@gmail.com

Visit Hours: Upon request


Contact Info:
Daf Wines
Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Telephone: 2810 792073


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