Lihnos Red Dourakis (BIO)
Dourakis Winery

Lihnos Red Dourakis (BIO)

Lihnos is the name of the oil lamp which our grandfather Andreas used to inspect the barrels, one by one, of his maturing wine in the dark cellars. Lihnos Red is a dry organic wine from the cabernet sauvignon grape that is cultivated in the vineyards that surround the Dourakis winery. The ‘must’ ferments and matures in small oak barrels. After a short period of time, the wine is being bottled and allowed to mature further. It has a dominant aroma of red fruits that blends harmoniously with the lush aroma brought out by ageing. Ruby red color, it has a velvety taste, and is well-balanced with a superb aftertaste.

Colour Red
Variety Cabernet Sauvignon
Type Dry
Type(CO2) Quiet
Cultivation Type Βιολογική