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R[oute] 9

Wild mountains, the feeling of holiness


Chania - Akrotiri

Holy Monastery Agia Triada
15 km / 29 min from Chania
(35°.33′.38″ N / 24°.8′.6″ E)

Akrotiri - Alikampos

Dourakis Winery
33 km / 45 min from Chania
(35°.20′.57.88″ N / 24°.12′.11.21″ E)

Alikampos - Panormo

Klados Winery
84 km / 1OO min from Chania
(35°.24’.59.66″ N / 24°.42′.31.06″ E)


  1. Monastery of Gouvemeto
  2. Monastery of Arkadi
  3. Margarites Village
  4. Vamos Village
  5. Archaeological site of Aptera


Wild mountains, the feeling of holiness

Akrotiri means peninsula, and here you are starting your trip from Crete’s historic cape where Zorbas danced his famous isyrtaki’! A lot of scenes from the 1964 famous film were shot at the Stavros beach. However, here you can visit some important religious sites, such as the Holy Monastery of Agia Triada. A wonderful imposing structure dating back to the 17th century, overwhelming with its serenity and devoutness. The monks have been cultivating vineyards for centuries now and you can try some wine from the monastery’s production! The Gouvemetou monastery and the ruins of the Catholic monastery are worth admiring too.

Alikampos is located at the foot of Lefka Ori, on the road to Sfakia. When you are there, it does not feel like you are on an island. The fresh mountain air is invigorating.

The Dourakis Winery is located there: check their beautiful herb garden and their old cellar.

It is a nice idea to combine this trip with a sleep overto Rethymno. On the highway head east, by the seaside: you will have a nice sea view but you can also have a quick deep.

Margarites is a scenicvillage definitely worth visiting; it is a place where the art of ceramics thrives. Marv ceramics keep their workshops here where you can admire their technique and find unique and precious handmade artefacts. Panormo, is just down the road and there you will find the Klados Winery: ask the family Klados the story behind their ‘hawk’ logo.

Leave the West of Crete with a feeling of fulfillment and happiness, with scenic paysage and good wines.