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R[oute] 8

Explore the mysteries of the West


Chania - Vatolakkos

Manousakis Winery
15 km / 25 min from Chania
(35°.26′.56.55″ N / 23°.53′.16.15″ E)

Vatolakkos - Pontikiana

Karavitakis Winery
27 km / 35 min from Chania
(35°.30′.07.17″ N / 23°.47′.28.22″ E)

Pontikiana - Anoskeli

Anoskeli Winery
32 km / 45 min from Chania
(35°.27′.35.40″ N / 23°.46′.32.83″ E)

Anoskeli - Drapanias

Winery Pnevmatikakis
34 km / 40 min from Chania
(35°.29′.43.78″ N / 23°.42′.47.43″ E)


  1. Monastery of Virgin Mary Odigitria Kira Gonias
  2. Falasarna beach
  3. “Palio Arhontiko” Tavern (Kolymbari)
  4. Fishing museum of Kolymbari


Wine and olive stories

The picturesque city of Chania with its market and old town, is the perfect place to start your wandering around the west of the island. Hundreds of olive trees will surround you on your way to Vatolakkos, about 20 minutes away from Chania. Here is the the Manousakis Winery, where you can see a traditional wine-press, which is still in use to this dasl! The area of Kolimvari is renowned for its great, extra virgin olive oil, that is why you will continue seeing acres of olive trees around you. Next stop is the village of Pontikiana where our next winery is located: the Karavitakis winery.

Take a look at the small chapel in the courtyard which is dedicated to Saint TMonasr the protector of vine- grower!

During the winter months, just a few families live in the small, remote village of Anoskeli, almost an houraway from Chania.

It was the Mamidakis’ family dream to give life back to theirvillage home and bringvisitors to taste great wines and olive oil. That’s one of the reasons you should stop at the Anoskeli winery and take their tour.

The north west part of the island hides some of the most tropical-like beaches you havre ever seen! Take some tirne and drire all the way to Falasarna or even Gramvousa and Balos. The beauties of such places will make the long drift worth your while.

Just a few kilometers duay from the town of Kissamos make last stop at the village of Drapanias where the winery Pnevmatikakis is located. There, don’t forget to visit the wine museum with the old winemaking and distilling tools and the beautiful stone-built cellar.