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R[oute] 7

A flavor of history


Peridi Metochi

Alexakis Winery
7 km / 15 min from Heraklion
(35°.18′.07.90″ N / 25°.06′.57.46″ E)

Peridi Metochi - 13th klm N.R Heraklion-Moires

Maragkakis Winery
16 km / 20 min from Heraklion
(35°.15′.11.70″ N / 25°.04′.06.40″ E)

13th klm N.IR Heraklion-Moires – Dafnes

Douloufakis Winery
19 km / 28 min from Heraklion
(35°.12′.54.25″ N / 25°.02′.58.80″ E)


  1. Earino Tavern (Kato Asites)
  2. Monastery of St. George Gorgolaini
  3.  Kastela (Near Gorgolaini)
  4.  Prinias – Organized Wine Press Routes
  5. Wine Press in Agios Thomas


Creatn hospitality and a wine feast

In Crete, we usually combine food with wine; a glass of wine will always have its place on the dinner (or lunch) table. When a good wine is served with an exquisite sample oftraditional cuisine -Oh!-this is one happy moment in one’s life! That is why the Alexekis winery, located in the outskirts of Heraklion, is a not-to-miss: it offers a wine tasting tour combined with a meal of cretan dishes prepared by Peskesi, an award-winning restaurant in Heraklion. Not far, just outside the city of Heraklion, you can find Maraghahis Winery. Expanding the islands long winemaking tradition by applying modem techniques the Maragakis family presents Liogerma wines. iLiogermar, in Greek, means “dusk” which is considered to be the ideal time for grape harvesting.

If you are a wine lover and would like to experience a wine feast with a lot of wine-tasting and dancing then Dafnes is the place to be! The Dafnes’ Wine Feast has been taking place in the village since the 70s, usually in July. All the wineries of the area meet in the central square, bring out their production and treat visitors. Even ifyou miss the festival, have a meze and some wine with the locals, in one of the square’s tavems. Douloufakis Winery is located in the village and you can try great wines of Cretan, Italian and French grape varieties. By collaborating closely with the areds farmers but also by following a high standard production line, the Douloufakis winery can ensure the quality of grapes used and of wine produced it its premises.

If the “liogerma” hasrdt arrived yet, t is not far to make a last stop at the beautiful area of Agios Thomas with the church of Panagia Kardiotisa being a must-visit. Wander around the ancient trees and peek in the little church of Virgin Mary. Do not miss the impressive carved chapel of St. loasaf the Indian which is located on the site of an ancient Greek temple with carved wine presses around it.

Once you are on the way to the south, it is worth continuing the road down to the coast. From Moni Koudouma, to Lentas and Agiofarago, all the beaches are pure and powerful. Enjoy a dive into the fresh waters and sit in a kafenio for some raki and chat with the locals.