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R[oute] 6

Deeper into the island's soul



Idaia Winery
22 km / 30 min from Heraklion
(35°.11′.49.95″ N / 25°.02′.23.22″ E)

Venerato - Plouti

Domaine Zacharioudakis
50 km / 65 min from Heraklion
(35°.04′.38.42″ N / 24°.56′.29.23″ E)


  1. Monastery of Paliani
  2. Dimitris’ Tavern (Venerato)
  3. Archaeological site of Gortyna
  4. Trouts in Zaros


Souther, deeper into the island’s soul

This wine tasting joumey suggests Wo realty interesting wineries located at the foothills of Psiloritis mountain.

Drive down to the area of Venerato and visit the Peliani Monastery: one of the oldest and wealthiest monasteries of the island, run by nuns. The amazing “Holy Myrtle” lives in the churchyard -a tree which dates more than a thousand years old, it is considered to be holy and it is celebrated every year! The Idaia Winery is located in Venerato village: stop by for a wine-tasting tour. A careful selection of raw materials and the controlled wine production allows them to create superb wines with strong personality and solid flavored

The road to the south and inner land of the island is not considered as scenic since it passes through big towns and mass production greenhouses. However, a visit to the Zacharioudahis domaine will reward you. Organic vineyards and a 2000 square-meter, high-tech winery surrounded by a beautiful scenery overlooking the Valley of Messaras, the Libyan Sea and the Asterousia mountains! There is a variety of wine tasting tours suggested by the domaine and they promise a unique experience.

The forest and gorge of Rouvas and the whole area ofZaros with its springs and greenery is a nice break from the dry and wild Cretan landscape. Grab a meal or a coffee to one of the traditional taverns of the area and enjoy the way back home to Heraklion.