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A dive in the authentic rural life



Boutari Winery
12 km / 20 min from Heraklion
(35°.16′.34.00″ N / 25°.11′.32.19″ E)

Skalani – Kounavi

Titakis Winery
17 km / 25 min from Heraklion
(35°.23′.32.30″ N / 25°.18′.42.56″ E)

Kounavi – Thrapsano

Angelakis Winery
35 km / 35 min from Heraklion
(35°11’11.28″B / 25°17’11.99″A)


  1. Knossos Palace
  2. Nikos Kazantzakis Museum (Myrtia)
  3. Onisimos Tavern (Peza)
  4. Monastery of Agarathos
  5. Thrapsano Ceramic Pottery


Heraklion, the capital of Crete, keeps some of its beauties, well hidden!

Scenic routes and villages around the Mount Youchtas and the Asterousia, ancient palaces and, of courser great wineries.

The Archanes-Asteroussia municipality of Nikos Kazantzakis which you will be entering, consists of small villages and combines the beauty of rural paysage with the energy of young people who choose to live here.

Leaving the city of Heraklion and heading southeast, towards Skalani village, you will come across the Palace of Knossos. On your way to the wineries or back, do not miss a guided tour in the site where you will explore the amazing history of the Minoans.

In the outskirts of Skalani you will find the impressive Boutari winery which is worth a visit. Back on the road towards the village of Kounavi, you will be surrounded by vineyards interlaced with olive trees, with the last being the dominant agricultural activity on the island.

“Kanavesn means bold wineries” and many say that the village of Kounavi took its name from the word – Titakis winery is here!

Thrapsano is a village definitely not to be missed. The area has a long lasting tradition of pottery-making that has been flourishing there since ancient times. Visit some pottery workshops and definitely the Agelekis winery where a part of the wine fermentation process takes place inside clay pots!

Following the way back to the city, you will be filled with euphoria. You will have visited one of Crete!s areas where its first man walked and created: wine and culture!