Wines of Crete Master class in Oslo

Wines of Crete” presented a unique master class about the Cretan Vineyard, for the first time in Oslo, Norway. The masterclass, that took place at the “Det Norske Teatret”, was presented by the oenologist Manolis Stafilakis and the wine writer Nico Manessis.

In this educational Masterclass, the 60 wine professionals, the vino monopolet, wine & gastronomy journalists that participated, were impressed on the taste and the exceptional aromas of the Cretan wines. The strong identity of the Cretan vineyard and the journey through the centuries were the facts that the key speakers presented. The presentation included the P.D.O. and P.G.I. wines of Crete, the history of the Cretan Vineyard and the indigenous varieties, highlighting the uniqueness of the Cretan wines. The Greek embassy in Oslo, with the representative Konstantinos Lizos supported strongly this event.

The winemakers of Crete continue their effort to present Crete as a gastronomical – wine destination, while opening new markets such Norway, supporting local and going as a cluster.

This campaign financed with aid from the European Union and Greece.

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