Cretan Wines mentioned in International Wine press

“Wines of Crete” invited last February in Crete Andrew Jefford, the famous wine journalist, for the Cretan Wine fair OiNotika.A special wine tour was organized, basically a fam- trip on the Cretan vineyard. He was accompanied by wine journalist N. Manesis, oenologist M. Stafilakis and the agronomists N. Somarakis and D. Tsupeis.

A full article for Cretan Wines, was published in the important wine magazine “Decanter”. The article was referring exclusively to the Cretan vineyard, the viticulture in Crete, the indigenous varieties and the wines he tasted while he was touring.

On his second article in Financial Times, Jefford wrote about his wine – gastronomic experience in Crete. He was impressed by the 4.000 years of Cretan vineyard history and brought on his articles all the beautiful memories from his trip in Crete. He was also impressed by the Cretan wine Diva, Vidiano, an indigenous grape variety, as he referred to the organoleptic characteristics and the aromas of the wines he tasted. He, also mentions, the red grape variety Liatiko as a star and the blends that are made with Kotsifali and Mandilari.

A third article, again on his column on the Decanter magazine, Jefford mentions Crete as a part of a great experience for a winelover in the same level as expensive and very well known French wines can give.

These articles are an exceptional recognition for Cretan Wines, promoting the island of Crete as a wine – gastronomic destination.

During Manessis, also interviewed Jefford and the whole interview is on our YouTube channel.

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