“Open Cellar Doors” at Greek wineries! Saturday May 28th and Sunday May 28th 2022

“Open Cellar Doors” at Greek wineries! Saturday May 28th and Sunday May 28th 2022

Winelovers and visitors all around Greece will have the opportunity to gain a unique tasting and travelling experience by participating in “Open Cellar Doors” which is organized collectively by Greek Wine Producers Associations and their wineries – members.

“Open Cellar Doors” is an initiative of the European network of wine cities, in which Greece participates. The aim of this initiative is to organize “events” focusing on the wine of every winery open to public. The eventswill motivate customers get acquainted with Greek wine and the winmakers.

On Saturday May 28th and Sunday May 29th 2022, from 11 in the morning to 7 in the afternoon, winelovers will be given the opportunity to tour around the Wine Roads of Greece and participate in multiple activities which include tours, tasting, competitions with great prizes and other surprises. It is worth mentioning that admission to wineries on 28-29 May is free.

Plan now your own “getaway” and engrave your own wine route. No matter where you are in Greece, travel in the countryside and visit one or more wineries.

Initiate yourselves into the magical world of wine, enjoy the vineyard setting, get to know the winemaking procedure and taste exceptional Branded Greek Wines.

Wineries participating:

  1. Amargiotakis Winery
  2. Agelakis Winery
  3. Agia Triada  Vinolio
  4. Alexakis Wines
    Live Music on Sunday 29th of May.
  5. Nikos Gavalas Wines will participate only on Sunday, May 29th.
  6. Silva – Daskalaki Winery
    Live Music on Sunday 29th of May 15:00 – 18:30.
  7. Diamantakis Winery
  8. Digenakis Winery
  9. DAF Wines Douloufaki Fereniki
  10. Douloufakis Winery
  11. Agrunion Winery will participate only on Sunday, May 29th
    A variety of activities for children, such as wall painting, exploration games, yoga kids, musical-movement activities, and survivor games. The coordination of the actions that will be undertaken by Niki Beladaki, animator of creative theatrical play.
    – There will be a music stage with a well-known DJ group of our city throughout the event.
    – Guided tours and wine games that will give visitors the opportunity to get familiar with the winery and its wines.
  12. Efrosini Winery
  13. Zacharioudakis Winery
  14. Idaia Winery
  15. Karavitakis Winery
  16. Klados Winery
  17. Kourkoulou Winery
  18. Lyrarakis Winery
  19. Manousakis Winery
    Manousakis Winery will participate with 3 wines for free winetasting and will be open 12 pm to 12 am
  20. Menexes Winery
    Saturday, May 28th – 18:00. Vertical tastings: Menexes white 2019-20-21.
    Menexes blend 2013-16-17-18-19
    Sunday, May 29th – 18:00. Vertical tastings: Menexes Merlot 2017-18-19-20, Menexes Mandilari 2018-19-20.
    Limited seating. Please send us an email for participation:
  21. Metaxari Wines will participate only on Sunday, May 29th
  22. MINOS – Miliarakis Winery
  23. Scalarea Estate – Boutari Winery
    Saturday, May 28th. Duration: 14.00-18.00
    Boutari WInery is excited to welcome you this year in Open Cellar doors festival along with your children for a family friendly experience!
    A cooperation with Caactus Care company and Anastasia Voutsa, its founder and creative director, promises for quality time to our little friends who will accompany their parents in our winery.
    Main activities will be
    – DIY hand crafted toys using upcycling methods, with everything being eco friendly materials!
    – The surprise of the upcycled wine cork. Let’s find out together what a humble wine cork can become!
  24. Dourakis Winery
  25. Domaine Paterianakis
  26. Pnevmatikakis Winery
  27. Titakis Wines
  28. Haralabakis Winery

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