Japanese Wine Proffecionals in Crete

Three wine professionals from Japan, visited the island of Crete, for a fam trip on the Cretan vineyard and the Cretan Wines. Α wine importer, a sommelier, a manager of restaurants in Japan and Australia, along with Constantinos Suwamoto from the Greek Embassy in Tokyo consisted the Japanese delegacy.

The fam trip started with a master class in Chania on the Cretan Wines. The Japanese guests of “Wines of Crete”, visited vineyards and tasted P.G.I. wines from the area. Next stop was the P.D.O. area Peza and P.D.O. area Dafnes. They were truly impressed by the scenery of the Cretan landscape and the characteristics of the Cretan indigenous varieties.

A presentation on the Japanese wine market, also took place for the Cretan winemakers. The Japanese wine market is women dominated as the wine buyers are mostly women.

This action is a part of the master plan of the Cretan Winemakers to enter new wine markets and promote the Cretan Wine and the Cretan gastronomy.

Action funded through the program: “Promotion actions on the Cretan wine in USA, Japan, Switzerland and Norway”.

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