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Wines of Crete on Financial Times

The stars among Cretan winesby Andrew JeffordSOURCE‘The indigenous star among Cretan whites, Vidiano, can vary from fresh and sappy to peachy and creamy’.The story of Europe’s 19th-century phylloxera crisis (American root-feeding in... more

Wines of Crete at Decanter

Jefford on Monday: The call of CreteSource: DecanterAndrew Jefford visits the high-altitude vineyards of Crete and finds an ancient wine culture in renaissance... Mantilari Plakoyra Vineyard. Credit: Nikos SomarakisThe sun shone; the wind h... more

Wines of Crete at the French travel Magazine «Ici et Ailleurs»

Wines of Crete at the French trave magazine «Ici et Ailleurs»Download the Cretan guide of the magazine «Ici et Ailleurs» HERE. SOURCE: ΕΟΤ  more

The Minos touch | Food and travel magazine

by Rosemary BarronSteeped in myth and cultures from the Minoans to Ottomans, Crete enjoys bountiful natural produce too. Its olives, cheeses, wines and seafood are all part of the legend, says Rosemary BarronThe table has long since disappeared unde... more

World of Wines: Historical wines and the fabulous legends

by Neal Jones The more I write about in wines, the more I enjoy investigating historical wines and the fabulous legends there are in every wine growing region around the world. This pleasure is enhanced by the pure art form that wine is with each gr... more

A Brief Cretan Wine Tour

October 2014A Brief Cretan Wine Tourby Phil ButlerThe land that was once the center of Bronze Age magnificence, for that time beyond any comparison, Minoan Crete was a place of refined society. Ages ago, the cultivated of pure fruits of the vine wer... more

Vins crétois

By Evelyn Malnic Derrière les eaux turquoise, les vins. Célèbre dans le monde entier pour son célèbre régime…  crétois, et peut-être aussi pour l’accompagner!  la Cr... more

Going Native: Crete Wine Varietals

by Melanie Young There’s a place in the middle of the wine-dark sea called Crete, a lovely, fruitful land surrounded by the sea. – Homer, The Odyssey Thrapsathiri, Vidiano, Vilana, Malvasia de Candia, Daphni, Plyto, Kostifali, M... more

Crowd Pleasers For The Grill, From Cretans (Highlights From Wines Of Crete 2014 Tastings)

Last month, I had the pleasure of speaking about the native varieties of Crete at tastings in both NYC and D.C., organized by The Connected Table and Wines of Crete.Minor pronunciation snafus aside, I had a blast introducing the t... more

Wines of Crete Hosts Educational Seminars in New York & Washington, D.C.

 by The Somm JournalStella Astirakaki, Wines of Crete, Alexandra Manousakis, Nostos Wines and Maria Titaki, Titakis WinesNew Wines of Greece and Wines of Crete hosted educational tastings for trade and media in New York and Washington, D.C. June ... more

Going Native (In NYC, D.C. And Glossy) With Wines Of Crete

By Joe Roberts aka 1winedude For starters, next week I’ll be working with Wines of Crete in leading two trade and media educational seminars and tastings on the native grape varieties of the twelve recognized PDO and PGI de... more

Wines of Crete - by Tanisha Townsend (Girl Meets Glass blogger)

by Tanisha (Girl Meets Glass blogger)There’s a place in the middle of the wine-dark sea called Crete, a lovely, fruitful land surrounded by the sea.  ~~ The Odyssey, HomerI actually postponed a trip to stay in DC for this event. A wine tastin... more

New Wines of Greece: Exploring Crete’s Native Varietals

By Marisa D'Vari | June 9th, 2014Quick! Think of one of the oldest wine regions in the world! Many of you might say Burgundy or Bordeaux, yet the wines of Crete are over 4000 years old. The Roman Empire treasured these wines for good reason: w... more

Crete’s Wine Renaissance

By Roger MorrisPerhaps it was the Venetians, however, who most influenced Crete, setting up trading ports along the northern coast to make Crete’s wines and preserved produce famous throughout Europe.Crete is an amazing island. The souther... more

1WineDude TV Episode 52: Alexandra Manousakis On The Challenges (and Ironies!) Of Crete’s Modern Wine Biz

by 1winedude In this episode of 1WineDude TV, I talk (on location!) with with Alexandra Manousakis, whose family makes wine from Rhone varieties on the Greek island of Crete. Aside from prettying up things here on 1WDTV, Alexandra gives us an insid... more

The Compelling Wines of Crete

by Michael CervinThe Greeks might be better known for being the architects of democracy, but they have an even longer wine history, stretching back at least 3,500 years on the island of Crete.You might assume that centuries of wine making would mean ... more

Beverage Media

You can see the full publication HEREAugust 2014 more

Light summer wines from Crete's blazing hills

Ancient stone winemaking equipment at Vathyperto in Crete. (John Foy)By John Foy|For The Star-Ledger on July 18, 2013A few weeks ago, I bridged Greece’s ancient wine history with its ... more

Crete: The New/Original Tuscany?

by Jean Newman Glock29-7-2013Outside the front door of our villa on the mountain was a fountain. Really just a spigot in a stone hearth bringing water up from the well, but the water from this Cretan well was the best I have ever tasted. Perhaps... more

Vidianó: Affordable White Wine from Crete

by Stevie Stacionis7-8-2013 Note from the author: I'm sipping my way through the 1,368 varieties covered in Wine Grapes by MW Jancis Robinson, MW Julia Harding, and Dr. Jose Vouillamoz. Join me?One month ago, this was happening. I was windblown, b... more

Creta: un mare… di vino! (in Italian)

Di Leonardo Mazzanti • 28 ago 2013 MILIARAKIS VINEYARD HOUSE – SAMBAS (ISOLA DI CRETA) – Quando sono partito per Creta i punti fermi della vacanza erano mare, sole e siti archeologici. Dalla gastronomia e dai vini non mi aspettavo gra... more


by Annie Edgerton11 September 2013 My little map of Crete!We've seen a rise in quality wine from other parts of Greece and from my new fave winemaking locale, Turkey, so it's no wonder that the Mediterranean island of Crete is getting in... more

Liatiko: Would You Buy a 'Weird' Greek Red for Under $15?

Jul 9, 2013 by Stevie StacionisNote from the author: There are 1,368 varieties covered in Wine Grapes by MW Jancis Robinson, MW Julia Harding, and Dr. Jose Vouillamoz. Bet you can't try them all.[Photo: Stevie Stacionis]On the Greek island of Crete... more

The (Very) Slow Rise of the Wines of Crete

by  Michael Cervin June 12, 2013he Greeks may have been the architects of democracy, but they seem to have taken more time to build reputable wine. The wine history on the island of Crete stretches 3,500 years, but it has only been since 2003 t... more

La Crète à travers ses vignobles

LE MONDE | 01.08.2008 à 16h26 • Mis à jour le 01.08.2008 à 16h26 | Par Michel Samson - CRETE ENVOYE SPECIAL Cette île de la Méditerranée, aux collines arides, est aussi un paradis pour les gourm... more

The revival of Cretan Wines

Article about cretan wines in the "Greek Star Magazine" , Chicago. written by Peter Csizmadia-Honigh more

Greece: Europe’s Newest Wine Country

From August 2012 By Bruce Schoenfeld In Greece—between the Peloponnese, Macedonia, and the shores of Crete—T+L finds welcoming people, seductively simple food, and unforgettable Greek wines.Appeared as "Europe's Newest Wine Country... more

What Did The Ancient Greek God of Wine Drink?

By Wine FollyDionysus, son of Zeus, is known to the world as the bringer of wine. His visage can been seen today on the Sommelier’s pin, a symbol of respect to wine’s contribution throughout history. It seems appropriate too: both of D... more

Cretan wine on Meininger's magazine

Master of Wine, Caroline Gilby, writes about the Cretan wine at the international magazine for the Wine Meininger's.You can see more HERE more

Is Red Wine Good for You? 11 Little Known Health Benefits of Red Wine

Source: Wine turtleIs red wine good for you? When most people think of alcoholic beverages, they immediately jump to the conclusion that they are bad for your health and that they should be avoided. What if I were to tell you that there is one alcoholic... more
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