Nostos Blend Magnum
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Nostos Blend Magnum

Clear, very dense ruby color with youthful purple notes. Many dense legs coat the glass. Intense nose, complex character with ripened black fruit in excellent balance with the oak. Some notes of leather with finesse and freshness. Mouth with volume and density of high but ripened tannins in perfect balance with the rich alcohol and good acid. Complex flavors follow and reflect the aromas. Long finish that accentuates the freshness while maintaining its richness. Ready to drink and will reach its peak in the next 3 to 4 years. It will remain at its peak for the following 5 years.

Χρώμα Κρασιού Κόκκινο
Ποικιλία Grenache Rouge
Τύπος Κρασιού Ξηρός
Τύπος Κρασιού (CO2) Ήσυχος
Τύπος Καλιέργειας Συμβατική