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2 Mazi Rosé

Clear, dark pink colour, with cherry hues. Clean nose with ripe red fruits: cherry, raspberry, with some wild herbs hidden in the background. Big bodied rosé with some delicate tannins, and fresh acidity. Warm long finish with a lot of ripe dark berries. Drink now.

Wine Colour
Category 1

Extra Info

Vinyard - Microclimate
Romeiko: Deep, clay loamy, calcareous soil
Altitude: 200 to 280 meters (620 to 920 feet) 
Mandilari: Selected vineyards in order to accomplish a good phenolic maturity and complexity of aromas
Cultivation Techniques
Vineyard pruning and trailing
Romeiko: Goblet pruned vines
Mandilari: Goblet pruned vines

Harvest Season
Romeiko: September 15th to September 25th
Mandilari: September 1st to September 10th

Cultivation Type
Category 2
Wine Varieties
Romeiko , Mandilari
Vinification method
Romeiko: Ferments in stainless steel tanks in controlled temperature at 17οC. Maceration takes place for 2 days.
Mandilari: The juice remains with the skins for 6 hours in order to obtain the best possible  expression of the varietal character. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel at a controlled temperature of 17°C to 19°C.

Flavors Harmony

Our 2 Mazi rosé is best paired with roasted poultry, or lighter meat dishes.  

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