In Crete, Kariki means a row of vines (pron. Kah-REE-kee)
Blend of the indigenous Aegean red varieties Kotsifali and Mandilari.
Deep red with violet tints, when still young. Rich and balanced taste, round profile with long aftertaste. Characterized by dense aromas of small red fruits (blackberry, cherry) as well as
black pepper notes.
Wine Colour
Category 1
Bottle Content

Extra Info

Vinyard - Microclimate
Selected from vineyards within Heraklion region, cultivated at altitudes of 300-500m. The variation in both microclimate and soil composition is ideal for the production of an extremely fine wine and yet of a wine that expresses Kotsifali’s and Mandilari’s characteristic aromas with considerable intensity. Cultivation interventions focus on having high phenolic maturity of the raw material. Plantation density is from 3.300 to 3.900 vines per hectare and production does not exceed 60hl per hectare.
Harvest Season
Harvest is done manually in the morning hours, from 6.00 to 12.00, to avoid high temperatures. Vine picking takes place with the use of plastic cases of 18kg which are then stored in refrigerated trucks to protect and preserve the grapes until they are delivered to our winery.
Category 2
Wine Varieties
Kotsifali , Mandilari
Vinification method
As soon as the grapes arrive at the winery they are taken to be stemmed. After this, fermentation begins. The wine is not placed in barrels; it is placed in tanks which reproduce the barrel’s environment, through the application of micro-oxygenation. Later, the wine is bottled and rests for 1-2 months.
Flavors Harmony
Veal, roasted or grilled, grilled steak, roasted pork with plums

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