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Handakas-Candia refers to the name Handax (Arab name of the city of Heraklion in the 820s), latinized as Candia and used under the Venetian rule, referring to all of Crete, as well as the city itself. The ancient name Heraklion was revived in the 19th century from the nearby Roman port of Heracleum “City of Hercules”.
Rare blend of indigenous white grape varieties Vilana, Vidiano, Athiri and Assyrtiko.
Brilliant lemon with green tints, characteristics of a new and great wine. Impressively complex with bold aromas – lemon, pear, orange peel and flowers. Immaculately balanced with a long aftertaste.
Wine Colour
Category 1

Extra Info

Vinyard - Microclimate
Vilana, Vidiano, Athiri and Assyrtiko, all come from selected vineyards in Heraklion; carefully scrutinized, these vineyards are at altitudes of 400-700m, where
the soil is mainly sandy clay on steep slopes. Due to the diverse terroir, the microclimate in these semi-mountainous regions, is ideal for the production of fine wines yet of wines with particularly intense expressions of the characteristic aromas, especially of the Vilana grape, which participates here with 85%. Cultivation interventions focus on two directions: increase of the useful leaf area, where necessary and short, but frequent watering during the ripening stage, if needed, to avoid dehydration. Apart from the intense expression of the characteristic aromas of all four varieties, our goal in this blend is to present their full phenolic maturity. Plantation density is from 3.300 to 4.800 vines per hectare and production does not exceed 40hl per hectare.
Cultivation Type
Category 2
Wine Varieties
Vidiano 5, Athiri 5, Asirtiko 5, Vilana 85
Vinification method
After thorough inspection at the receiving area of the winery, grapes are preserved for 24 hours in very low temperatures. After stemming, the method of cryo-maceration is implemented for about 6 hours. Consequently, the free-run juice is taken without pressure. Cold settling and injection with selected yeast follow, to highlight the aromatic character of these varieties. Wines are fermented separately in stainless steel tanks for 10-12 days at temperatures that do not exceed 16°C.
Flavors Harmony
Delightful with fried seafood, seafood risotto, grilled fish, cheese platters

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