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 Red Dry Table Wine

Varieties: Syrah, Mouvedre, Grenache Rouge, Roussanne.

Clear, very dense ruby color with youthful purple notes. Many dense legs coat the glass. Intense nose, complex character with ripened black fruit in excellent balance with the oak.
Some notes of leather with finesse and freshness. Mouth with volume and density of high but ripened tannins in perfect balance with the rich alcohol and good acid. Complex flavors follow and reflect the aromas. Long finish that accentuates the freshness while maintaining its richness. Ready to drink and will reach its peak in the next 3 to 4 years. It will remain at its peak for the following 5 years.
Wine Colour
Category 1

Extra Info

Vinyard - Microclimate

Soil: Schist, sandy clay loamy, 320-380m (1050-1350ft) and 550-600m (1600-1950ft) in altitude.

Vineyard trellising and pruning:

Syrah: Vertical Shoot Position, trained in double cordon Royat

Mourvedre: Vertical Shoot Position, trained in double cordon Royat

Grenache Rouge: Goblet and Vertical Shoot Position, trained in double cordon Royat

Roussanne: Goblet and Vertical Shoot Position, trained in either double cordon Royat or Guyot simple.

Harvest Season

Each variety is harvested separately from August 15th to September 10th.

Cultivation Type
Wine Varieties
Syrah , Mouvedre , Grenache Rouge , Roussanne
Vinification method
 The red varieties Syrah, Mourvedre and Grenache, are vinified separately in temperature
controlled tanks.
Syrah is being vinified in oak casks, whereas Mourvedre and Grenache in stainless steel tanks.
Maceration lasts from 12-25 days depending on the variety. After maceration is complete, the wine is
racked into oak barrels (75% French oak, 25% US oak) where malolactic fermentation takes place and
it matures for 10 months. All barrels are new and they are being replaced every four years.
Blending follows by adding a small amount of Roussanne.


1997 (1.000 bottles),

1998 (6.000 bottles),

1999 (8.000 bottles),

2000 (12.000 bottles),

2001 (10.000 bottles),

2002 (12.000 bottles),

2003 (13.000 bottles),

2004 (10.000 bottles),

2005 (10.000 bottles)

2006 (10.000 bottles)

Flavors Harmony

Food pairing: Nostos is best matched with roasted rack of lamb; roasted red meats; and casseroles.

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