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Our head office is in Venerato, a village in Northern Heraklion which is located about
18klm from the centre of the city .It is 305 meters above the sea level in the vinicultular

The village is located in one of the lowest hills of the village there are lush vineyards and olive trees .Next to the vineyards there is the old monastery of "Agia Theotokos". An ancient river called "Apollon" passes through the northeastern side of the region.

On a hill ,in the south of the river there is the old monastery of "Panaghia Paliani".
A very old monastery high archeological value temple is located in the center of the monastery.

Venerato and all the Malevizio region were famous for their renowned sweet wine.
Furthermore, during the Veneratian and Turkish domination ,the habitants were
exporting this popular wine all over the Mediterranean sea through the Heraklion
harbor. This wine was called "Malvazia".

In this region there are lots of Archaic and Roman wine – presses. This fact indicates
the vine cultural development of this particular place from the Minoan years till now a
days. This district was such a famous enological centre that the renowned
"Malvazia" wine is considered ti have taken its name from this place.

The ground which is rich in lime and the special climate which is influenced by the

summer breeze of the Aegean sea make this place unique fir the vine –growing and the wine- making of high quality wine.

IDAIA ancient name of Creta

Is located at Venerato village in the heart of the vineyard at Malevizi district.
The area has always been a winery center with many archaic and roman wineries
located there. The names of the district comes from the "Malvazia" wines
produced in the area.

Laderos Vasilis, the specialist chose this area to establish winery in 1998.
The careful selection of raw materilas and the controlled wine production allows
us to form suburb wines with strong personality and solid flavored character.

Our company, with the participation of the specialists in enology Laderos Vasilis
and Volitaki Kalliopi has been in the wine production since 2000.

Idaia winery privately - owned vineyard is 35 sq .m. cultivation is being done according to an exemplary system management in order to produce quality grapes. The wine varieties we produce are the following: Kotsifali Mandilari Liatiko Sauvignion Blanc Vilana. The ground which is rich in lime and the special climate which is influenced by the summer breeze of the Aegean sea make this place unique fir the vine – growing and the wine - making of high quality wine.
The company bottles about 50,000 it wine which spares in the domestic market.
Our purpose is to complete our new privately – own place by the end of 2010.

Our company’s main targets are:

The production of fine and high quality wine through the new varieties of our region and the varieties we have already had as well. This happens in a district which is famous for its vineyards since ancient times.

The elevation of the specific native varieties which are connected with the climate of this region in just a few acres.

New  plantings with imported varieties from all over the world and close selection if raw materials.

The controlled technique of vinification and our know-how as well, form new standards with really impressive results for our company and the VQPRD Dafnes zone.

*The daisy with the eight leaves comes from the Faistos plate. The ancients used
to believe that symbolizes the Sirius Star.

Red     Red

White     White

Rosé     Rosé

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Street: Venerato
State: Heraklio
Municipality: Heraklio
Area: venerato
Postal Code: 70011

Telephone: +30 210 2440396

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Idaia Winery
Venerato Heraklio Crete
Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Telephone: +30 210 2440396
Fax: +30 210 2440396


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