Domaine Paterianakis

The owned vineyards within the domain had been cultivated since 1988 when the first procedures for wine produc- tion were commencing. In continuation of the long term tradition of the family, all the indigenous and rare grape varieties at the vineyards were preserved and gradually more were added. The grape varieties have been carefully selected in order to be completely adjusted to the local ground and climate conditions and always according to the principles of the organic farming and to the protection of the environment.


In the heart of the Domain an outstanding winery was constructed with respect to the environment and from natural materials like rocks from the vineyard and the wider area. Within the winery there were established the production stations, the bottling and storage place, underground cellars and a fully equipped chemical analyses laboratory.


The winery is designed in different levels in order to use gravity for the production processes and to avoid artificial pressures that damage the stum. Additionally, the smooth pressures of spirit press machines, the underground ma- turing cellars in stable temperatures, the ideal bottling conditions with lack of oxygen and the proper storage of the bottles in an underground bottle cellar are guaranteeing our high quality products.

The Domain Paterianakis is located in a semi-mountainous area of an approximate altitude 600 m, near to the “Melesses” village of the Municipality of Nikos Kazantzakis of Heraklion Prefecture on Crete Island.

The wider region of “Peza”, where the Domain belongs, is reputed since ancient times for the excellent quality and the exceptional taste of the wines that were produced there.

 The vineyards of the Domain belong to a biologically sensitive area appellation of origin Peza of high quality.

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At Domain Paterianakis three families of wine are being produced. At the top is the “Domain” V.Q.P.R.D (wine appella- tion of origin Peza of high quality) Red wine and follows the “Melissinos” with red, rose and white wines. Recently the “Melissokipos” was created with red and white wines.

The tradition in producing high quality wines is followed by the constant search of new tastes with new labels in the future.

All our products are produced from organic farming grapes without adding chemicals or pesticides and by using traditional methods with artificial corrections. Our main concern is the production of natural products that highlight the organic characteristics derived from the vineyard and the local climate conditions.

The application of biological methods, the stum transfer by gravity and the minimization of chemicals, allow the creation of wines with very low content in heavy alcohol, but still with an outstanding and healthy taste.

All the products of Domain Paterianakis have been attested and designated from “DIO”, the official body for control- ling and attesting the production of biological products.

Red     Red
Domaine Paterianakis DOMAINE PATERIANAKIS - Red Wine
Domaine Paterianakis Melissinos - Red Wine
Domaine Paterianakis MELISSOKIPOS - Red Wine

White     White
Domaine Paterianakis Melissinos - White Wine
Domaine Paterianakis VIDIANO - White Wine
Domaine Paterianakis MOSCHATO SPINAS - White Wine
Domaine Paterianakis ASYRTIKO - WHITE WINE

Rosé     Rosé
Domaine Paterianakis Melissinos - Rose Wine

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Street: Melesses Municipality N. Kazantzakis
State: Herakleion
Municipality: N. Kazantzakis
Area: Herakleion
Postal Code: 71001

Telephone: +302810226674

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Contact Info:
Domaine Paterianakis
Melesses Municipality N. Kazantzakis
Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Telephone: +302810226674
Fax: +302810226673


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